S​.​G. EP

by Ragna Rye

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This is a four song EP featuring some of our original material.


released January 17, 2015



all rights reserved


Ragna Rye Springfield, Illinois

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Track Name: IDS
I don't sleep
'Cause I never liked the notion of countin' sheep
I've got places to go, I've got people to meet
And ain't one of 'em real, just between you and me
I don't weep
Just as tough as a coffin nail driven in deep
And I ain't the type of man who's gonna break his back
Over dollar bills and greed

Life's too short to live layin' in bed
Or sheddin' tears for the long lost dead
So knock back a shot or two with a good friend
'Cause these will be the happiest you'll have
Before you leave it

I don't beg, I don't plead
With a devil or a god or any man that I meet
'Cause I don't plan on being bought and sold so cheap
If eternity's forever then it's all the same to me

I don't agree to disagree
It just ain't in my mind to accept defeat
And you can bet that I'll be fightin' of the big sleep
The whole graveyard'll know when the reaper comes for me

Life's too short to live prayin' next to that bed
Or to worry about pleasin' a man overhead
So if in the end my eyes open to fire
I'll know how the dice were rolled and that the devil
Is on my side
Track Name: Dillinger
Those bars cast shadows on my face
You never saw a smirk split so many ways
If you open my cell door
Don't leave your gun at your waist
It's time for me to leave this place

I'll be the meanest bastard you've ever met

Lead and money is all I had
I never gave up and I never will
Try and catch me; make a stand
Bullet-holes and smoke
Is all you'll get

Makin' my way to the front of the line
'Cause baby I can tell you I don't have the time
If you don't open up that safe for me
Only a few of you will leave
The rest will be left to bleed

I'll have the riches of kings, you will see

Cops and robbers, banks and blood
the lady in red's gotten me set up
I reach for my colt .38
But this time, I'm afraid...

I've drawn too late
Yeah, I've been runnin' from the devil my whole life
Lately he's been lookin' at me through the soul's eyes

I've been walkin' by the devil too long
Track Name: Vigor and Persistence
My face is getting wet
From the rain dropping through my casket
And those whispers, oh how they urge
My hands to claw at the dirt
And those sighs on the wind
Will they fall with the scent of blood?
My eyes are too big for my stomach
And I ain't looking at mud

I'm coming back from the dead
You know what I'm gonna do
Climbing up from my grave
Baby, I'm rising up for you

There's a weight in my chest and it's not gonna let up
Until I get that flesh in between my teeth and the blood on my tongue
When the crows start singing

"Oh, there goes a dead man
Running from a second chance.
Oh, just keep on dancing
Along the cobblestone and away from that hole."

Crying out to the moon overhead
Rotten teeth gleaming in the light
Something stirs in the cemetery
The living are in for a fight for their lives

'Cause I've been damned to the pit for as long as I can remember
I've been staggering along with the beat of the hearts that I've been
Starving for
You'll hear the moans rising up from the bodies in the feast
They've been six feet under
For far too long and now that death is knocking on your door
Will you sing it?

"Oh, there goes a dead man
Running from a second chance.
Oh, just keep on dancing
Along the cobblestone and away from that hole."

I'm coming back from the dead
Track Name: St. James Infirmary (Cover)
I went down to Old Joe's bar-room
Down on the corner by the square
They were serving drinks as usual
And the usual crowd was there
In the corner sat big Joe McKennedy
His eyes were bloodshot red
As he turned to address the crowd around him
These were the very words that he said:

"I just went down to St. James Infirmary
to see my baby there
She was laid out on that long white table
So cold, so pale, so fair.
Let her go, let her go, god bless her!
Wherever she may be
Let her search that whole wide world over
She'll never find a man as sweet as me...
She'll never find a man as sweet as me.

When I die, won't you bury me
In my high-top Stetson hat?
Put a twenty-dollar gold piece on my watch chain
So the gang'll know I died standin' pat
I want six crapshooters for pallbearers
Pretty gals to sing me a song
I want a jazz band on my hearse wagon
Raising hell as we roll along!
Oh, to raise hell as we roll along!

When I find the man who took her from me
It's gonna be my life or his
A two-man showdown at that old graveyard
But only one of them men comin' back!"

So now that you've heard my story
Have another shot of the booze
And if there's anything anybody could ask him
He's got the St. James Infirmary Blues...